Filming the final one shot. Which version of the 14 trys this is?After No. 3 it got blurry....
Chaos Behind the Scenes / Professionalism
Self-Made Snorricam
Our main talents in the smoke of a scene that didn't even make the movie... What a waste,look how hot they are!
Whenever someone took "cocaine" in a scene they had to snort white tobacco. I tried it. It's disgusting.
Day 11. When our protagonist used method acting and got senselessly drunk.
This scene was completely written, but on set we decided to let Actor Walter Heidtmann almost fully improvise his role of Yussuf.
Director Linus and Producer Nora trying to look really important.
Maybe they should update the camera to look even better?
We had the oppurtunity to film in a real hospital for a whole day to create one of the hardest scenes of the film.
Gian-Luca Kemper in full on "Simon Van Cricket as Richie Myles" outfit.
Musician and Master of sound Pablo Schröder looking sexy as ever.
Both Linus and Actress Lotta Borries never played the violine. They just faked it.
They had literally no idea how it works.

But the faking kinda… worked?

It was very tiny so we had to squeeze in to see it.
Safety for actors is key!
He is sulky.

And finally some on set fun! 🙂

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